The thirteenth Mandala: Sangha


This week Mandala is about “Sangha” (a word that I’m probably not using fully correctly here in this post but I still liked its meaning and sound), the community with whom we share our path.

Interconnections, intertwined unique equal hands, individual different petals of a single flower.

Many, all unique colours but the same, separated but one.

The light of the energy of belonging, connecting and sharing flows and heals the heart.

If we share our path with companions who are on the same journey, we find in this connection, in this belonging, that our own strengths, our own uniqueness and richness grow and shine even more.

ps. I wonder if we are free to use words we like in the way we like even if they were not intended for that use? being aware of using it maybe inaccurately and admitting it is it enough to excuse what some could consider an “abuse”? can we all consider ourselves poets with some special poetic licence to use words as we think we need?

ps. (added recently after having realised I misspelled the important mysterious word to me that I used in this post) Errors happen and vulnerability is showing up and having misspelled the important word we wanted to use. Our errors keep us humble and grounded but cannot be the reason for harsh self-judgement or for going into hiding or for giving up. Our errors keep reminds us the importance of a beginner’s mind and the kind attitude we have with beginner we need to learn to extend it to ourselves.


Mandala - 13

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