My second Mandala: The Reality Circle.

I find this process extremely interesting. I realise that during this exercise, I can get easily lost in it and what will appear in the end of it is a complete surprise. I put small circles, triangles and other shapes one inside another and eventually some form start to emerge and to make some sort of sense. It happens the same with the colours, I start with one and the adding one at the time again some sort of logic and possible meaning start to appear. This process make me touch with my hand the truth that everything even the smallest thing is made of so many little details which are all equally fundamental. I’ve never being particularly good at drawing I realise that one of the main cause of this is my inability to notice all the small details that compose a picture in addition of being impatient. With meditation and mindfulness practice, even if I’m still not particularly disciplined, I am learning to be patient and to pay attention.

What this represented for me at the end is how I think of my reality, at the centre there is the flower of the soul vibrant and soft, with different tones of pink and purple same as my favourite stones amethyst and pink quartz, the flower is surrounded and contained in the dark and light blue of the sky representing the universe that at the same time surround and is in our heart, and then on the outside there are the colours of our roots into this world, the green and brown of trees and of the earth, that keep me connected with the reality I live in that I can see, understand and feel with my immediate physical senses, still full of wonderful but also imperfect things represented by the small flowers and shapes of different sizes.


(12/02/2016)Mandala - 2

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