Fifth Mandala: My Life Circle.

The Mandala I live within.

…  should I still count them?

This week the reflection on what type of Mandala I live within lead my drawing and colouring.
The Mandala I live within feels often agitated by the high wave of the dark blue sea which protects the centre composed by an external layer of calm light blue sea that surround peacefully the deep hidden core where the six, at once fragile and strong, seeds of life can blossom and grow into strong trees of Love, Light, Wisdom, Pain, Compassion and Healing. The trees are fed by the blue water of the sea, red passion for life and the yellow and orange lights of the stars and sun.
The journey inwards is a journey which is often troubled, inconsistent, full of frequent detours from the path but which is always worthy because lead to the perfect stillness of a healed heart.

This week I worked on this with the company of two beautiful little angels: my little daughter and her friend. The three of us spent Friday afternoon drawing, colouring, telling the stories of our drawing which in their cases included stories of friendly werewolves and silly planets with ears. Since then I bought a new sketchbook for my daughter too and she has then drawn her first Mandala, a magical world with purple stars, different flows of magic and hidden Unicorns.



Mandala - 5

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