Sixth Mandala: My first Lovingkindness circle.

Within this circle, I see my beginner’s experience of a Lovingkindness practice: the daily repetition of four daily blessings that expand subtly beyond the few minutes that I have formally dedicated to repeat the soothing and inspiring words for myself, for my loved ones, for the ones I don’t get on very well and for those impossible to love because they seemed to have lost their soul to violence, for every living beings and our planets that is our home and finally for those that are suffering or are in fears and lonely, especially children, but not only them, in a refugee camp, in cold corner of one of the street of our cities, in a building tore down by bombs, in a lonely hospital bed, in prison or at the mercy of somebody that have lost their hearts and compassion to anger and violence.

This week, I found myself at random times, repeating these words during the day and I finally realised that for me, maybe, the power of this daily practice lies, not in a special feeling, understanding or transformation that happens during the practice itself or in changing what happens, but in reshaping my experience of what happens and little by little making the negative thoughts, the frustration or anger at the unfairness and violence I can experience, see or hear about less obsessive and pervasive and by opening my heart and mind to questioning my first impulsive reactions to others’ behaviours and letting go of the futile anger for small daily adversities and mishaps.

The lights and the colours expand and grow beyond the core of the four quadrant in the heart of the circle.


Mandala - 6

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