Seventh and Eighth Mandala: the Monkey Circle and the Inner Garden Circle.

Last week I ended up doing two drawings.

The first one was a bit of a strange, difficult experience, the result was not having a positive effect on me and because now I understand it reflected the state I was, which was a blurred state where “my Monkey mind” had taken over, for this reason, I called this first circle “the Monkey mind”. It represents the vicious, descending journey into negativity which spiralled out of control and narrowed progressively my experiences and awareness of my outside and inner world. I didn’t colour it because when it became clear what it was about, I had to take a step back and distance myself from it. Once I realised what it was about I had no more time for my Monkey mind.

Then I started the second drawing, it was a healing exercise, where I let the colours and light grow and expand progressively, from the first timid small flowers at the core to the progressively bigger and bolder in colours of the external flowers. It is the inner garden that is waking up and growing from the soil in small buds, due to become courageous and amazing flowers after a long winter. I can see that the same is happening in my garden where the Peonies, like last spring, are timidly coming out from the soil, where the first little blossoms are starting to grow on the only apparently death branches of my cherry tree and of my rose bushes. It is the miracle of life: birth, life itself and death.



Mandala - 7

Mandala - 8

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