Ninth Mandala: “Om Shanti Om” Mandala.

Last week mandala was the result of some emotions and ideas that arose from a guided meditation from the free series of the 21-days meditation with Oprah and Deepak titled “Shedding the weight: Mind, Body and Spirit” and in particular to the meditation on the 3rd day of the series dedicated to Emotional Balance and to the mantra for that day “Om Shanti Om”.

Trying to connect to the core, focusing on seeing the hidden light, at the start complete absence of connection shown but a deep complete black without any shadows behind closed eyes, then broken light of different shades of colours started to appear, it was broken by dark clouds of passing thoughts and emotions of doubts and lack of trust. Feeling of a warm presence, perhaps the sudden memory of somebody that has been gone some time ago or was her real transparent presence behind me during this moment of meditation? I don’t know and the answer is not so important, what matters is to nourish and cherish the still tentative but freshly discovered feeling of warmth and connection with her and with myself.


Mandala - 9 (2)

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