Eleventh Mandala: Say Yes To

This week’s Mandala is a Yes Mandala.

This week I exercised with the simple but revolutionary power of the word Yes and while drawing this mandala I kept repeating each single Yes I was drawing and colouring with my total presence, with a sense of lightness and some little smiles not to become too serious about creating the best drawing, but maintaining the focus on what is most important.

I noticed already in the past, that often while I’m drawing these Mandalas, my breathing slows down and becomes more deliberate, conscious and in harmony with the process of drawing and colouring and in this particular case also in harmony with my repetition of the many Yes I was drawing, thinking, saying silently and feeling vibrating through my full body.

The text below inspired me and made me see more clearly that I need to say Yes and that saying Yes to is a positive act of courage and creation.

“Prayer consists of only one single word. That is the meaning of AMEN: it means yes.

If you have said yes with your total heart, you have said all that can be said, that need be said.
If you can say yes with your total heart, you are in celebration.
If you can say yes to existence, you have arrived.

Get deeper and deeper into yes.
Say yes to each and everything.
Say yes to good and bad, to day and night, to summer and winter.
Say yes to success and to failure.
Say yes to life and to death.
Forget everything else; just remember one word: yes, and it can transform your whole being, it can become a radical change, a revolution.”
Osho – THE SUN RISES IN THE EVENING – Chapter 4: Learn to Breathe this Air. Question 8

p.s.: This Mandala project is teaching very important things about myself, the latest is that the belief that I cannot draw is not entirely true and that I can, in reality, draw something I like and it is meaningful for me. Already few years ago, when I decided to create my own bridal bouquet with crystals of my choices, I learned that the limiting belief that I was not a creative or a skillful person was not entirely true either, because since then I let myself trying to create things out of my ideas and I found out that creating something for yourself without thinking about others’ opinion is quite liberating. I now believe that we are all creative if we simply let ourselves take the risk to be and we are honest in our motivation, we can all create something we love and in the process free ourselves from our own self-limiting beliefs.


Mandala - 11

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