Twelfth Mandala: A flower

This week Mandala is a flower.

It is the flower that blossomed in the midst of confusion and mind wandering in obsessive negative thinking. It is a flower born out of the practice of trying to come back to presence stubbornly regardless of the distractions, the restlessness and the lack of faith, of the practice of coming back to the basics to your breath and easy to remember powerful mantras that even it feels like an empty, unclear and imperfect efforts you continue to come back to them because as behind the clouds the sun still shines, beneath the feelings and thoughts of emptiness, confusion and desperations there is still the bared, simple and perfect truth that is the real you.

it is an imperfect flower far away from the perfect one that inspired it, and it is the result of an imperfect practice and imperfect hands and vision, but it is ok. I’m far away from being perfect and my path is possibly to learn to be ok with my imperfections.


Mandala - 12

The original flower. Nature is so perfect!!!


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