In the Audience.

I sit in the middle of the audience, I’m only one of hundreds/thousands/millions that comes regularly to watch the show, to listen and to be enriched by the talent of the persons on display.

I’m as necessary and as exceptional as them, without me, without each of the persons in the audience the talent of those persons would be like not existent, because their talents need an audience while they are alive or even after their deaths as happened so frequently in the past for now very famous artists.

We live in a society that exposes us continuously to the exceptional talents of few, that glorifies the single at the expense of all others, incites all of us to compete against each other and to laugh callously to those who are not talented but are either delusional about their abilities or desirous of  a moment of glory at any cost. We don’t realise the damage that we do to ourselves and the cost of the fleeting pleasure of those unkind laughs, because those spiteful laughs are directed at us, because we are like those normal persons without exceptional talents we are those persons that are just normal. This continuous search of the dream is part of our inherent unhappiness and frustration. We have been raised believing that if we work hard we should be able to reach everything, that success is the compensation for talents and greatness, that it is important to follow your dream because people that follow their dreams do exceptional things, achieve exceptional greatness and if we don’t reach any big success then we obviously feel like failures. But all this is a big fat lie. There are many people that reach success are not talented or particularly great, if we were governed by great and talented people that world would not be in such a desperate conditions. Ant let’s not forget that in today’s world, there is not talent without an audience, there are probably billions of people that have died unknown not because they were not talented or exceptional but because they didn’t find an audience for their greatness even post-mortem.

I’m starting to like being the on sitting in the audience. I’m starting to understand that there is immeasurable  value in being the listener, the reader, the observer, the person able to appreciate somebody else efforts. By finally understanding this, I’m giving myself permission to simply be my normal special self, so that I can stop being frustrated, envious and unable to appreciate the beauty created by other because I wished it was me who was the talented great one creating something that other can appreciate.

Comfortably and happily sitting in the audience does not mean that I’m giving up in a creative process but more that I’m embracing it without expectations that someday they will give me recognition and simply enjoying the process in itself of creating, writing or drawing something to share or not to share.


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