Sitting on a bench…

Sitting on a bench by the seaside.
Listening to the soothing sounds of the waves.
Letting the wind and the last timid ray of sun caressing tenderly my skin.
Letting random thoughts pass in my mind like the rare white clouds across this still clear blue sky.
Letting the energy and peace of this quiet time permeate my body and my heart healing my thoughts, my words and my behaviours.

These were 10 minutes I could have studied or done something instead I choose to let life be around me, to flow through me and in me and in this 10 minutes of silence and inaction I learn more than in hours of studying and doing.

I will need to let the wisdom that is already in me talk and guide me.
I will need to trust the real and authentic me and to trust life.

It is amazing the transformation that happens in our mind when we finally start again to trust life, to remember what is really important and to let go of the misplaced desire to achieve some superficial, materialistic and ephemeral rewards and recognitions.

Be your wonderful imperfect self, you are worth it and enough.
Be kind to yourself especially in the moment when you are down.

Embrace life.

Fly without regret.

Allow yourself to Fall, then Pick yourself up, Comfort yourself and Fly again.

Embrace your failures as much as you embrace your successes, they are all part of you are, but you are also a lot more: you are big as the universe and small as a grain of sand.

(10/09/2015)donabate beach

donabate beach 1

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