Why this Blog

As a compassionate warrior, I close my eyes and I go inside, two words emerge: Wisdom and Open-heart, but in the background there is another one which I left silent and is at the heart of everything and is Trust. I embrace my vulnerability and show myself without pretense with an open heart and an open mind. I rely on the wisdom I discover in me, in the others and in life around me and I’m learning to trust again myself, life and the mysterious wonder that is this universe and this present moment.

As a compassionate warrior, I realise that there cannot be joy without suffering, creation without errors and failures, light without darkness and that I need to face life and its challenges with a sense of lightness and compassion for myself and others. I realise that I cannot connect with others without risking, without showing up honestly and fully, even if it is terrifying as being vulnerable is scary because things could go differently than what we would like and what we love maybe will not be loved as much.

For a longtime I avoided myself and my thoughts in the noise and busyness of the daily life because when I looked inside I could only see a big black hole, in recent years, when avoiding myself stopped working (every coping strategy seems to fail at some stage), I started to look for the silence and in that silence (not only in terms of sounds but also of actions) I started to look inside, once again for a long time I could only see blackness, but then some light started to break through the solid blackness and I started to feel energy flowing from inside outside and from outside inside, because it is a two-way channel from the mind to the heart, from the heart to the mind, from the center to the periphery and from the periphery to the center, from words, to beliefs and to action and fate, from fate to actions to beliefs to words.

As a compassionate warrior, I am having the courage to share some of my own words and my creations on this new blog even if a bit scared about the critics or the lack of interest, because they are words and creations that came to me and there is no expectations attached or desire other than write or create them and bring them outside my mind into the world.

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