Fifteenth Mandala – About Words.

Mandala - 15

Words’ Mandala. 

“I look for Wisdom in the Silence, I tune in with the rhythm of the natural and universal Breath: I breath in Light, breath out darkness and I let the nature of illusions and the ever-present Truth reveal themselves.

It is for me a journey of discovery of the Mind which engage my Heart.

I finally start to Trust this Energy, this flow.”

 The process starts with small individual lines sometimes with no direction or vision. A pattern starts to emerge, but the final representation is unknown till the end, till you sit down and look at it when all is finish and let the picture tell you its own story.

Everything at the end is made by small details like every single line in a Mandala or letter in a single word, that on their own might not seem to have a story or a purpose and be extremely simple, but they are all the essential part of a whole more complex and meaningful universe.

Words are powerful and beautiful in their sounds, rhythm and meaning.

They can be wonderful but they can also be source of suffering. Choose the words that you allow to take root in your mind and look the other ones floating away like white cloud in a clear blue sky.

Sometimes we do not pay attention at the apparently innocent repeated words that have been said to us and the subtle meanings we allow in our mind to take root and shape our experiences.

When we start to be mindful, we start to discover how much of what we hear, we feel and we think is shaped by our own interpretation of what happens around us which might have nothing to do with others’ intentions, but we also start to discover the beauty of repeating certain words, to reflect on them, to let them take root in our mind and grow, and the power we have in choosing to be mindful of what meaning we give to other words which could have the power to undermine all our efforts or just simply treated for what they are passing words in a blue sky. Look for the bare truth of the experience and be aware of the perils of disillusions and false interpretations.

Practicing mindfulness, for me, means going back to the single particle of the moment, pay attention to the small apparently insignificant detail to learn to be part of the whole moment.

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