Our Life is a journey of self-realization. We are on a path, which sometimes is clear and exciting others challenging and obscure, where every intentions and actions, each and every moment count. Sometimes, when we reach the end of a more or less important phase of our life, we can feel a bit lost and uncertain on the next steps. In these moments, the risk to give up and be distracted by old habits becomes very high. In these delicate moments, if we have our own anchor that can keep us grounded and motivated in the midst of doubts, this anchor can save us from becoming  fully and fatally distracted because this anchor can, at any time, help us to find a way back to our path, to our purpose. But, for this anchor to work its “magic”, we need to use it consistently, especially when it looks like a useless waste of time, when we don’t remember our reasons and our faith is tested and fragile, when sitting cross-legged breathing might feel impossible and unachievable, when drawing a Mandala or writing something  as a simple writing exercise might feel an empty act with no future.

This week Mandala is about this anchor and my trust in it and it is the Anchor itself.

Often, when we are in the middle of a new path, that might appear illogical and unclear no matter how enthusiastic and excited we were at the beginning, doubts and temptation to give up start to show up and questions about the purpose and the meaning of what we do start to emerge. In these moments, if we can go back to our anchor and hold on to it even without fully remembering its purpose, but keeping our commitment to do it, we might not lose sight of our destination, we might find again the light that was momentarily obscured by doubts. Because often in the middle there is confusion and haziness and we need to have something that can help us navigate this unknown route that is our life, unique and precious in its limitless possibilities, joys, obstacles, challenges and uncertainties.






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