My Wheel of Life Mandala – The beginning of a new self-coaching journey.

The inspiration behind this Mandala is the coaching tool the wheel of life, it is a freely representation of the wheel of life that I’m going to use for the first step on a new self-coaching Journey I’m going to start. I will use this wheel to assess my “here and now” before to engage in any kind of investigation around my goals. I divided the wheel in all the aspects of my life that are important to me.

I will use my first Wheel of Life for my reflections and enquiry.

I will then use an adapted version of the standard Wheel of Life as a working sheet before finalising this process. And, finally,  to close this first coaching step, I will use the result form this self-enquiry to complete my second Wheel of Life Mandala which has not headings or clear segments at this stage because they might be different as a result of my reflections and self-enquiry.

I’m starting this self-coaching journey with a travel companion that will engage in a similar personal journey of self-discovery and transformation. Maybe we will find more travel companion along the way.

My Wheel of  Life Mandala:

Mandala - 17

The Wheel of Life – working sheet.

Mandala -17 (Companion)

My Wheel of  Life Mandala- 2:

Mandala - 17.2

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