After another sleepless night during my last episode of depression, one morning I woke up from a brief unsatisfactory sleep with the vivid memory of a quite different dream. I tried to grab its images that were quickly fading away from my memory because I felt that that dream was important, and I wanted to remember it in some way and so I translated what I remembered of that special dream into a Mandala.

I dreamed of a little boat in a stormy sea, a boat that had left a safe harbour to face dark immense and terrifying waves. A person is on the boat, in my dream, I fear for that person, I worry that she or he, I cannot see clearly who is, will become lost in that unfriendly sea. For a while, it feels like everything is lost for the person in the boat. Then, suddenly, everything becomes calm, the darkness disappear replaced by an explosion of vivid and shiny colours in multiple tones of blues, greens and silver and right in the middle of the sea sitting on a rock there is an ethereal glowing creature, maybe she is an angel or a siren. The person in the boat dissolves into the warm and peaceful embrace of the creature, her or his heart becomes part of that still universe and starts beating the same single heartbeat. At the end, there is space only for a profound peace that comes from having faced the darkest hour and navigated the stormy sea to reach a safe harbour.


Mandala - 19.jpg

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