This mandala and this post were difficult because I didn’t feel I had something to say or that I was particularly inspired while drawing, so I was a stuck in a place of self-judgement, then I decided that I had to let go of my self-consciousness, of my need to be taken seriously and not laugh at, that I had to take the risk to look like a “fool”, of not being understood, of looking like an imperfect average person that can write with incorrect grammar confused thoughts and stories, can draw skewed lines and average, not-inspiring even ugly Mandalas.

Sometimes I feel I have something to say, sometimes I feel like what I draw is beautiful, other times I feel stuck with not inspiration but I continue doing it, because there is always some lights that can shines brightly through an average non-inspiring drawing or posts, because if I only write or draw something when I think I am inspired or I can do something good I might end up questioning all the times what I do and I will eventually let the fear of what others might think of what I do dictate my choices and erase all the enjoyment I feel while writing or drawing.

In the middle of lots of average moments, writings and drawing a light can start shine anytime, and I cannot know if and when this will happen, for this reason, I will keep going and I will continue to fight against my natural tendency to compare what I do with others and to judge myself and my efforts and just do what I wish to do, write or draw for the sake of doing them, for the pleasure they give me, and why not for this week just to get un-stuck.

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