Angles and smooth curves;

Confident and shaky lines;

Darkness and lightness;

Full and empty spaces;

Finding sense in the uncertainties.

Bringing the light of understanding to lose it and find it again.

Finding what matters, forgetting it and remembering it to forget and to remember again.

Learning to focus, becoming distracted to focus again.

It is an expanding circle, it is a deepening circle.

The energy moves from outside to inside and from inside to the outside.

At the centre, silence that is full of meaning,

Emptiness that is fullness,

My own Truth.

Mandala - 24Life is made of smooth straight lines and sudden narrow and dangerous curves hidden away in beautiful scented pines forests that allure me with a false sense of familiarity to become hard trails with not clear direction.  Sometimes the arrival is clear in front of me for few precious instants but then suddenly I wonder if that sense of clarity was just an hallucination, what is truth?

Sometimes I waste too much time lost in activities that were never in my list of priorities because I let old disruptive habits and misplaced sense of duty clouding my ability to see all the different choices I have in front of me and see all the choices I take without mindlessly. to stop and ask myself the important question about what is the most important thing right now and right here?

Re-gaining focus and a sense of direction after these detours is hard, it requires time, discipline, patience and faith that even if the goal is not visible or the purpose of these efforts is elusive they both will eventually become clear and defined.

Life feels like a journey, quite convoluted and blurred at times and clear and easier others, like a continuous movements between remembering what is important and forgetting it to remember it again which will eventually converge towards my core own truth.


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