It is a Nostalgia Mandala, it contains some of the colours of the summer holidays of my youth in Salento:

The different tones of pink for the flowers of the oleanders that flourish easily there along the roads, by the sea and in gardens;

the intense yellow of a summer Sun that burns hot, proudly alone in the clear blue sky completely free of any cloud;

the green of the sea close to the shoreline progressively darken into blue as the sea deepens and becomes open and appears limitless;

different tones of grey, ivory and brown for the local traditional walls that separate the different plots of land, made of stones held together by nothing else than their clever disposition  aside and above each other in a game of fine balance;

the brown almost red of the soil burned by the sun that turns almost black when the too dry grass is burned by the too frequent fires which leave in the air along with smoke and heat its pungent odour;

the dark green and brown of ancient olive trees with their intricate trunks each a masterpiece of nature and of the pine forests that surrounded by the intense sounds of myriad of cicadas sometimes lead to the clear and blue sea.

A short journey of the senses in my past to cherish a special kind of sweet melancholic memories, which,  purified from the ordinary sadness or disappointments of the daily life now treasures only the good and happy moments.


2016-08-06 07.50.29

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