The first thing I bought for my daughter’s bedroom, even before she was born, is a small colourful glass picture with the words Live, Love, Laugh with the hope and desire to make this picture a Life Manifesto for her.

What I wished for her life was To live fully, to Love truthfully and to Laugh freely.

But I feel that something was missing from this all positive and happy Life Manifesto, because I think that:

to live fully, we also have to cry and experience sadness and loss;

to live fully and love truthfully, we need to learn to understand our body, mind and heart, the universe in us and around us;

to live fully, love truthfully and laugh freely, we need to have the courage to accept our vulnerability and trust life and ourselves.

For this reason, I wrote on the frame around this Life Manifesto Mandala these powerful simple words:







and framed within these words, your life, your world will blossom into a splendid and vibrant flower.


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