Fortieth Mandala – Intention and Attention Mandala

Fortieth Mandala – Intention and Attention Mandala

Intention and Attention.

Clarity and Simplicity.

Honesty and Compassion.

Isolation and Integration.

Concentration and expansion.

Being present, here, in the body, in the mind and in the heart of life creating now the future choices.

Mindfully choosing to act with the clarity and confidence of honest and true intention.

Simplifying the surrounding, removing unnecessary shining distractions, reducing and choosing what to take in: which food, which drinks, which news, which information, which emotions, which sounds, which truth…

This is the journey I am choosing, one small change at the time, one commitment at the time. Continuing to bring attention to the deepest and honest intention, I move forward with new aspiration for the future grounded in the present.



Thirty-Ninth Mandala – A Night and Day Mandala

Thirty-Ninth Mandala – A Night and Day Mandala

Mirroring Life:

Water Flowing at the centre, the primary source of life;

Lava flowing;

Roots growing everywhere in the deep soil;

Flowers, grass and trees;

and then the Sky:

blue and white clouded sky,

starry sky,

sky at sunrise and sky at sunset

and finally, the dark sky of the deep space: the void in between what we know exist.


Some Haiku poems I read recently about time, sky, nature and life.

(From Haiku Mind of Patricia Donegan)


To see the Void vast infinite

look out the window

into the blue sky. (by Allen Ginsberg)


First light

everything in this room

was already there (by Christopher Herold)


No flower can stay

yet human grieve at dying –

the red peony. (by Edith Shiffert)


Ancient pond –

frog jumps in

sound of the water (by Basho Matsuo)


Stillness –

piercing the rocks

the sounds of cicadas (by Basho Matsuo)


After the rain

bomb craters filled

with stars (by John Brandi)


Drawing light

from another world-

the Milky Way. (by Yatsuka Ishihara)


A page of Shelley

brightens and dimes

with passing clouds (by Rod Willmot)



the packet of seeds

asking, are you still alive?  (by Kiyoko Tokutomi)



Thirty-seventh and Thirty-eighth Mandalas – Year End Mandalas

Thirty-seventh and Thirty-eighth Mandalas – Year End Mandalas

These were the last two Mandalas of 2016. I finished them few weeks ago, but I struggled with the search of meaning for a while.

Sometimes I wonder what really exists, what is the meaning of what I do and if everything needs to have a purpose or being successful.

If I left these Mandalas as just drawings in my private sketchbook on my desk, would they really exist and a have a meaning? In today’s world, does anything exist or have a purpose when it is not shared?

Ocean of ideas, thoughts, stories, projects or drawings that they did not live or go Beyond the daydreaming phase, do they have a purpose? One day I open my eyes and years, decades have passed and every ideas, thoughts, stories, project or drawings only existed in my dreams becoming arid and sad as desert of meaningless regrets and wasted time.

I do what I can, in the way I can and at the right pace for me and even if I might want to be different and I might dream something different, I need to live accepting who I am and to be grateful for my life with lots of apparently meaningless and mediocre moments and less than talented hands or minds, leaving my soft footprints on the sand that will be washed away at the first wave of a rising tide.