These were the last two Mandalas of 2016. I finished them few weeks ago, but I struggled with the search of meaning for a while.

Sometimes I wonder what really exists, what is the meaning of what I do and if everything needs to have a purpose or being successful.

If I left these Mandalas as just drawings in my private sketchbook on my desk, would they really exist and a have a meaning? In today’s world, does anything exist or have a purpose when it is not shared?

Ocean of ideas, thoughts, stories, projects or drawings that they did not live or go Beyond the daydreaming phase, do they have a purpose? One day I open my eyes and years, decades have passed and every ideas, thoughts, stories, project or drawings only existed in my dreams becoming arid and sad as desert of meaningless regrets and wasted time.

I do what I can, in the way I can and at the right pace for me and even if I might want to be different and I might dream something different, I need to live accepting who I am and to be grateful for my life with lots of apparently meaningless and mediocre moments and less than talented hands or minds, leaving my soft footprints on the sand that will be washed away at the first wave of a rising tide.




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