It started a year ago this strange journey through shapes and colours.

It started without a destination, reason or timeframe and it is still a journey with no map, boundaries or rules. It is a journey of letting go of the need for control or approval and just let ideas and forms flow freely.

It is a journey of discovery and learning with many detours and even few temporary stops along the way.

It has been a journey of fun and pleasant surprises, of moments of doubts and tiredness and more than one failed attempt or false start.


Now, I reached the one year anniversary and I want to mark this day to recognise having honoured a personal commitment with no hidden motivation other than engaging in this personal experience with no end.

This Mandala journey continues and the first Mandala of this second year, it is about wholeness and integration; it is about the Life energy that flows from the root to the crown and it is about connecting the dots and observe the Life that emerges.


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