Lively red, Warm orange, Clear non-blinding yellow, interrupted by a blue-green transparent flow and surrounded by the dark blue of the infinite sky.

Roots. It was time to go back to my roots for a little while, replanting them firmly and deeply in the soil and tending to them as I had left them forgotten for too long. I discovered myself groundless, lost in a sea of transparent, fleetings thoughts, drifting along, I became unknowingly vulnerable again to my own insecurities and doubts. So, it was time to re-connect, to restart the journey, but from a new starting point. Even if I continue to get lost, I also continue to reconnect and every time I do it with a bit more awareness, a bit stronger each time. I am learning each time something new.

I reconnected with my roots but with my eyes also up to gaze at the infinite sky. For me it is a constant search for balance between my material life and my spiritual life, so that I can avoid becoming lost for too long in the fears and uncertainty of my daily life which can appear so small in the face of the never-ending universe above my head and I can avoid forgetting for too long how to feel at home in my own body and life.

For few days, I felt the pressure of my commitment with myself to publish something regularly, but then I could not find the words and so instead of forcing myself, I followed the advice I found in the book I am reading now (The Call by Oriah Mountain Dreamer) and I waited, until the flow came to me with ease and along with the words I realised that what I thought before was complete was missing one important component and I added the last part to my grounding Mandala: the dark blue sky surrounding my Mandala. Because life for me is constant research for balance between being at ease with life and the tension to move forward, between creating a strong connection with my roots and a steady gaze on the sky above me.Mandala-44



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