Forty-Seventh Mandala – Universal Particulars Mandala

Forty-Seventh Mandala – Universal Particulars Mandala

From a series of small details is built a big picture, from the picture I understand the idea, in general, but then I go back to notice the single small details that create the big picture. The big picture gives me a key to open a door on the comprehension of my reality, but then the details are the ones that give me the deep flavor and richness of that reality. It is a continuous journey from universal to particulars and from particulars to universal. It is a balancing act between focusing on myself, and my own limited experience of the world and the world outside me. The details disconnected from each other do not create a picture, they cannot be understood, but connected with each other they become something different and they can become visible and clear.

Mindfulness is teaching me patience and to look at the details of my surroundings, and looking at the details, is opening my mind to possibilities I could not even imagine before. Drawing Mandalas was not something I could imagine doing. It all starts with a small line draw on a page, with a word, with a step to a direction unknown, if we have the patience to wait until the big  picture is revealed.

Loving-kindness is allowing me to engage this drawing/reflecting journey as it is teaching me to be kind and compassionate with myself as I’m a beginner as all beginners, my efforts are very often clumsy and far from being perfect.

“I believe that the big picture is somehow shaped by how we live the details, the little pictures that run through our lives.” (The Dance – Oriah Mountain Dreamer)

“Concepts always remain universal, and so do not reach down to the particular, yet, it is precisely the particular, that hast to be dealt with in life.” (Schopenhauer as quoted in the Art of Reflection by Ratnaguna).



Forty-Sixth Mandala – The Heart of Life Mandala.

Forty-Sixth Mandala – The Heart of Life Mandala.

Even when everything seems to fall apart in my head,

thoughts and emotions spinning out of control,

with no vision beyond the small restricting darkness that clouds everything,

the jewel at the heart of life always shines even if I do not see it,  feel it or remember it.

And then, sometimes even if I know that the jewel is there,

I seem unable to find my way out of the darkness.

Prisoner of my own monkey mind, I fail, I try again, I fail again and I try again… to find my way to the Heart of my Life.

“...e ti accorgi che quello che senti ha radice nel posto dei santi,

ma tradotto nei gesti dell’uomo che sbaglia ogni volta si torna perdenti.

perdersi per poi riprendersi … siamo sostanza che non puosparire. (Il posto dei santi – Negramaro)”



ps. the little gem at the heart was the touch of my daughter, a small but immense contribution in my eyes.