These are the last Mandalas of my first Mandala Sketchbook an explosion of patterns in various degree of black and white and then there is the first Mandala of a new phase of this life journey of discovery of my true Heart Desire.

Drawing Mandalas, like journaling, is for me a coaching tools for inquirying with kindness and curioisty into what is my deepest desire, to discover purpose and meaning and to heal the part of my life that have been suffering of neglect becasuse of my own ignorance and fears. It helps to create a safe space where to go deeper to uncover the truth that is hidden behind a thick black wall but that is starting to show some cracks and through that the cracks I can start to see glimpse of the light of my truest heart desire: my Life Path.

Where do I go from here? Do I really need to go somewhere? Or maybe I can just stay here in this colourful circle: nothing to change, nothing to achieve, nothing to desire, nothing to fear, nothing to possess, nothing to lose. This is the place, this is the moment to say YES, to let go of the search, to stand still and let life unfold with ease and the energy embrace me in a warm colourful embrace: red, orange, purple, green, blue, indigo and yellow hidden in the other colours. Because nothing is missing, everything is already here.





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