About Me

I find extremely difficult to talk about me and I started this piece few times and I have experienced a strong resistance to complete it or publish it, on the other hand I  believe that introducing myself, telling little of my story and about my qualifications is an essential preliminary step for building a  trusting relationship with the people I will interact either through my blogs or through Life coaching.

In terms of my coaching qualifications, I have an accredited diploma in Executive and Life Coaching (September 2015) and a QQI Award with distinction in Professional Coaching Practice and Ethics (Component Certificate level 6 – December 2015), a certificate from the Mindfulness Coaching School (ICF and ASCTH approved) in “The Art of Engaged Mindfulness” (May 2016). I participated to an introductory workshop on a Acceptance and Commitment therapy (30 September-1st of October 2017) and I attended the following  courses at the Dublin Buddhist Centre: “Life with Full Attention”, “Introduction to Meditation”, “An Unlimited Heart- Metta Course” and “ Know your mind” for my personal growth, even though I have been practice mindfulness meditation for few years. Few years ago I got the Reiki level 1. I plan to continue to attend other courses in Mindfulness and Psychology because I wish to integrate my coaching with other complementary holistic therapies and applications.

Since last year, I started working with Mandalas as a method for meditation and more recently I have started working on my spiritual and creativity development using the book the Artist’s way by Julia Cameron.

I work full time in the asset management industry where I currently worked as Client Transition Manager and before as Institutional Client Service Manager, Investment Analyst and at the very start as Executive Assistant. I also briefly worked at the start of my professional life in the accounting department of a car rental company.

I have an “undergraduate leaving certificate” in business and languages studies from a commercial secondary school in Rome and a Master’s Degree in Political Science – International Studies with honors from the University of Rome and a post-graduate course in the European Union Economy, Law and Policies.

I have lived in Ireland since 2000 and I have settled down in the north county of Dublin where I live with my husband, my daughter, a cat and some tropical fishes. I grew up in Rome (Italy) and when I was a young student I used to be a very active participant in my local Catholic church in Rome and do random volunteer activities there. In Ireland, I volunteered for many years in an Oxfam shop and I currently volunteer as mentor for a charity working with young students. In 2013, I had a short experience in setting-up and manage a small not for profit holistic and community studio (The StillRoom). In addition to an interest in holistic therapies, meditation and Buddhism, drawing Mandalas, writing blogs, reading and buying tons of books, volunteering and supporting various charities, I also enjoy working with my favourite crystals (clear quartz, rose quartz and amethysts) to create small keepsakes, dream catchers and wind chimes.


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