Twenty-ninth Mandala – The creativity garden Mandala

A colourful garden is blossoming from the well of my creativity. Like love creativity grows with its use, more we give love more love we have to give. More we use our creativity more it blossoms in something new, we could not even imagine before, it opens new paths, it offers new perspectives and it brings a new sense of balance and fulfilment.

the importance of what I create is in the action itself and in the emotions I feel while I do it more than in the drawing, is in the new ideas that are born from it.

Often, it takes time and a series of trial and errors to find what type of activities really appeals to us so much that we will stick to it because we simply enjoying do it. It happened this with drawing Mandalas and it is now happening with this combination of mindful walking and poem writing exercises (Haiku) from a book I was recently reading (Writing your way by Manjusvara – Paying attention to my surroundings while walking provided inspiration for short quick lines and for the smile on my face. The short poems that were popping up in my mind will probably look silly or not perfect to everybody else, but they gave me joy and this is what was important for me.

This is my mindful walking exercise and Haiku Practice:

One morning, on our way to school Francesca and I:

1 – Fallen red leaves

We pick them up together

Feeling pure joy

on my way to the train station:

2 – A spider’s web

So close to my face

I am not scared

3 – The sunshine

lighting up the green leaves

I am happy now

4 – Behind the leaves

cascading like raindrops

Cheerful robins sing

Crossing the bridge on the Liffey:

5- Wind on the river

Sudden grey clouds appear

My face is now wet.