Thirty-Ninth Mandala – A Night and Day Mandala

Thirty-Ninth Mandala – A Night and Day Mandala

Mirroring Life:

Water Flowing at the centre, the primary source of life;

Lava flowing;

Roots growing everywhere in the deep soil;

Flowers, grass and trees;

and then the Sky:

blue and white clouded sky,

starry sky,

sky at sunrise and sky at sunset

and finally, the dark sky of the deep space: the void in between what we know exist.


Some Haiku poems I read recently about time, sky, nature and life.

(From Haiku Mind of Patricia Donegan)


To see the Void vast infinite

look out the window

into the blue sky. (by Allen Ginsberg)


First light

everything in this room

was already there (by Christopher Herold)


No flower can stay

yet human grieve at dying –

the red peony. (by Edith Shiffert)


Ancient pond –

frog jumps in

sound of the water (by Basho Matsuo)


Stillness –

piercing the rocks

the sounds of cicadas (by Basho Matsuo)


After the rain

bomb craters filled

with stars (by John Brandi)


Drawing light

from another world-

the Milky Way. (by Yatsuka Ishihara)


A page of Shelley

brightens and dimes

with passing clouds (by Rod Willmot)



the packet of seeds

asking, are you still alive?  (by Kiyoko Tokutomi)




Thirty-fifth Mandala – A Labyrinth Mandala.

Thirty-fifth Mandala – A Labyrinth Mandala.

I don’t like this last Mandala. At the start, I liked how it was progressing, and there is some part of it that I still like, but a mistake and a direction I didn’t like or consciously choose ruined everything in my eyes.

I made it, I spent time on it and finish it and I don’t like it but I’m accepting it. I accept that sometimes I make mistakes I cannot cover and that the more I try to fix them and cover them  the more they seem to become evident. Before acceptance, sometimes I let the fear of not being able to recover my mistakes to grow, causing too much pressure and not enough clarity or pause which then cause what was a little mistake to grow beyond repair. It feels like running round and round in a labyrinth with no way out on sight, where motivation is lost and clouded.  But when I recognise the mistake and accept them I can move on and free myself from a prison of my own making, it is like finding a way out of the labyrinth.

Life is made of joyful moments, beautiful moments, exciting moments, boring moments, ugly moments, uncertain confused moments, sad moments, desperate moments. I need to be able to live with all of them, to see life for what it is and have the courage to face and take responsibility for my mistakes and move forward with my life.

An empty broken plastic bottle disturbs the natural perfection of bush roses, still, it does not change the honest beauty of nature beneath.

Blind eyes, open eyes, empty eyes, still, the sun and the moon rise every day and night.



Some of my source of Reflection for this post:

After the rain

bomb craters filled 

with stars”  (John Brandi)

good and bad, happy and sad, all thoughts vanish into emptiness like the imprint of a bird in the sky“. (Quote from the Buddhist text The Sadhana of Mahamudra)

Quote and Haiku both extracted  page 31 from the book Haiku Mind by Patricia Donegan.

Thirty-Third Mandala – The Rainbow Mandala

Thirty-Third Mandala – The Rainbow Mandala

Meditating with a six-years-old can be tricky, it is a juggling game between letting go of the desire to do it right and join the fun when she wants to have some hearty laughs and trying to bring back then some focus on some simple deep breathing and visualisation. We don’t spend much time reading and “meditating” in bed before her sleep and it appears only a simple and ordinary activity but it brings infinite magic and wonder to my daily routine. I remind of something I read recently in a book – Haiku Mind by Patricia Donegan –  about “finding ordinary mind… how subtle and ordinary Haiku really was – and that because it is so ordinary it seems extraordinary.” Meditating with my daughter feels the same subtle and ordinary and eventually very much extraordinary.

Recently we were trying to practice a Meditation called the “Rainbow meditation” from the book “Buddha at bedtime” and that meditation, my daughter laughs and appreciation for the colours and for the idea of being filled with happiness, love, friendship, peace and gentleness inspired my last Mandala.

“Take a breath in… and out, and feel your body relax.

Picture yourself surrounded by red light. Imagine breathing in the red light, and it filling you with energy.

Now see yourself surrounded by orange light. Imagine breathing in the orange light, and it filling you with strength.

Next, visualise yourself surrounded by yellow light. Imagine breathing in the yellow light, and it filling you with happiness.

Then, picture yourself surrounded by green light. Imagine breathing in the green light, and it filling you with friendship.  – Here my daughter was very excited about being filled with friendship. –

Now see yourself surrounded by blue light. Imagine breathing in the blue light, and it filling you with peace.

Next picture yourself surround by Indigo light, breathing indigo light, and it filling you with gentleness. – Here we both had some doubts about what colour was indigo, but we both loved being filled with gentleness. –

Now, visualise yourself surrounded by violet light. Imagine breathing in the violet light, and it filling you with love.  – Obviously being romantic, in the most encompassing way, souls, we both loved this last part about love. –

Finally imagine a bright rainbow carrying all this energy, strength, happiness, friendship, peace, gentleness and love from your heart, into your home, your street, your town, your country… the whole world. Slowly the rainbow fade…” – From Buddha at Bedtime by Dharmachari Nagaraja.

These are the two books that inspired me


and this is my Rainbow Mandala


This idea of the ordinary life also inspired some walking writing meditation, that brings my attention to the little corner of the world where I am so lucky to live and to notice things which are at once ordinary and magnificent:

Thick solid grey clouds

Rays of light red and yellow filter through

Like a sign of God’s presence


Wonders of Nature

In a little green leave now red on the ground

In the sweet yawn of kitten half asleep in a bed of sun

In the joyful singing of many birds hidden safely in the branches of the trees

The vast blue sky, then almost black and sparkling with the light of countless little stars

A transparent white moon still high in the vast sky in the morning

All ordinary simple free gifts unnoticed too easily.


Of the miracles of our everyday life around us

How little we notice and know.

We are outsiders.

We are strangers to our world

inside us and outside us.

We take too much for granted and

We forget to be grateful for our innumerable blessings that

we notice only when we lose them.

Our life revolution is to notice and to appreciate the subtle wonders of everyday life.